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Unicorn Room Ideas

Unicorn Room Ideas

If your child has expressed a desire for a unicorn bedroom, you might be seeing nightmare visions of neon colors, tacky cartoons, and an overall look that ruins the zen of your home. But don’t despair; there are many adorable unicorn bedroom ideas to create an inviting, comfortable space for your little one that everyone in your family will love. Let’s take a look so that you can get decorating!

Unicorn Bedroom Colors

One of the first things you need to decide when redecorating or decorating any space is the color scheme. Generally speaking, the colors that go best with a tasteful unicorn bedroom are pastels. Soft shades of pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green look beautiful together and fit into the theme well.

Luckily, a unicorn bedroom doesn’t have to be offensively bright. Many parents go with a white or cream color on the walls and then add pops of more luminous colors in other elements of the unicorn room decor. Stick with solids in lots of different shades, as with this lively pouf. You can put a unicorn decal on a white wall.

Alternatively, you can also do the opposite. Choose one of the pastel colors as the main one for the space, and then use white, grey, and other neutral tones to offset it.

Unicorn Bedroom Shapes and Lines

A unicorn bedroom theme is inherently whimsical and fantastical. To help create that feeling, choose irregular, asymmetrical shapes. These are more creative and less traditional, so they contribute to the overall mood of the room.

In addition, choose soft lines with rounded corners and avoid harsh edges. In the physical elements of the room, such as the furniture, this is safer for children anyway. But it also works for designs on the wall, bedding, and accessories.

Unicorn Bedroom Elements: More than Just Unicorns

There is so much more to incorporate in a unicorn bedroom and many things that work with unicorn bedroom ideas.

Since unicorns are fantasy creatures, think about including others, as well. A mermaid here and there never hurt anyone!

In addition, unicorns are fanciful and dreamy. Try incorporating stars, clouds, rainbows, and other similar elements in the space. Not only will this add to the overall feeling of the bedroom, but it will also help create some balance; you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the number of unicorns.

Finally, remember that children’s tastes change quickly. If your little one outgrows unicorns, you can go in a different direction with some of the other items you have already included.

Unicorn Room Decor

We already talked about some of the ways to include elements like rainbows and clouds, but let’s quickly run through different decor items and ways to draw them into the theme:

Furniture-Choose furniture with soft lines and look for versatile pieces that will grow with your child.

Bedding-Whatever it looks like, it absolutely must be easy to wash and care for. It is also worth considering, will it be easy for your kiddo to make their bed when they’re old enough?

Flooring-Again, stain-resistant is a must. Choose something warm and comfortable since your child will spend a lot of their time sitting and playing on their floor.

Lighting-Adaptable lighting is key; you want the room to be bright enough for daytime play and calming enough for bedtime prep.

Accessories and accents-These can be everything from mirrors and wall decorations, to throw pillows, comfy poufs, and more. You want to “sprinkle” the space with items such as these without adding too many; otherwise, the room will appear too busy and chaotic.

Try incorporating some of the other shapes and elements in accessories, like the cloud and rainbow pillows linked above. In addition, utilize unicorns in unique or small ways. Even toys can fit the unicorn theme.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

With so many adorable items and unicorn bedroom ideas, it can be very easy to get carried away with this project, which is why it is so important to keep the big picture in mind. Remember, all of these things are going into a child’s bedroom. They’re very likely to get dirty and experience lots of wear and tear.

For example, as lovely as white bedding might look against pale pink walls, consider how quickly this bedding is likely to get stained and how often you will end up washing it. It’s often easier to take care of white walls (a magic eraser works absolute wonders) than white fabrics.

In addition, choose items that are made specifically for children. As gorgeous as that lamp might appear in the showroom, if your kiddo can’t turn it on and off themselves, it will quickly become nothing but a headache for you. What’s more, buying from children’s furniture and accessory makers ensures that all items are safe for kids.

As we already mentioned, it is essential to bear in mind that your child may grow out of their fascination with unicorns, so you don’t want to overwhelm the space with the theme. Think about how you might 

Create Balance

There are some other important concepts to keep in mind when decorating your unicorn bedroom.

Scale-If your child has a small bedroom, don’t choose too many large items. Conversely, don’t use too many small things if the space is ample.

Proportion--There should be one or two large, eye-catching elements that are offset by smaller accessories. Don’t overwhelm the space.

Symmetry-Symmetry can help create a sense of calm, which is essential in a room where your child sleeps.

Balance is about how each of the room’s items relates to one another, on these terms and others. However, you decide to personalize the unicorn bedroom in your home, remember to keep everything in moderation, and you’ll be sure to love your space (and impress your guests).

Unicorns Galore

With so many options for creating a unicorn-themed or inspired bedroom, you can indulge your little one’s fantasy. Happy decorating!


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